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Holiday homes is the trading name of Portfolio Abroad SL.

A Spanish registered & Licensed company who prides itself in giving that little bit more, with the personal touches of a family run business.

Tracy Rimmer - Property management
Mick Rimmer - Property Sales
Charlotte Rimmer
- Property Rentals

You will be dealing with us personally, not with the owners of the property. We know how busy some of these owners/investors are, and are not able to answer or deal with your queries promptly enough.

We will be:

  • Your property investment agent
  • Your booking agent
  • Your management agent
  • Your 1st point of call for property information.

Bookings Rentals

Must be confirmed in writing by whoever makes the initial booking, either by fax, on-line booking form or in person.
Booking must state the property details, required dates for its use and any additional services required.
Reservations can only be made in writing (on-line booking form, fax or written in person in our office are all considered “in writing”).
Written confirmation of booking must be accompanied by the full deposit.
We will acknowledge receipt of the deposit by fax, email or SMS text message.
In the event of unsatisfactory bookings or properties which are fully let or any other unforeseen circumstances, alternative accommodation will be offered or the full deposit reimbursed, (i.e. If someone else is booking on-line at the same time, the 1st one to confirm & pay deposit is guaranteed their chosen property).

Binding contact

Once the booking is made in writing the contract is legal and binding.


The deposit is an amount calculated at 25% of the booking. This amount is payable on confirmation of the booking.


This is the total cost of the booking and includes the cost of the hire of the home and any other services being provided. This amount, less the amount of the deposit, is due for payment no later than 1 month prior to the agreed date for commencement of the contract. In the circumstance that the commencement date of the contract is shorter than 1 month when the contract is made, the full amount is payable on creation of the contract.

Damage deposit

A damage deposit must be taken at the time the full payment is made. This covers against any damage or breakages during your stay. The deposit is fully refundable provided there is no damage caused during the contract period.
(Please allow 30 days for receipt after leaving the property). As some utility companies take longer to confirm payments are completed.

Claims against the deposit will only be made in the event of damage caused other than in the course of normal wear and tear. We urge you to to notify us of any damages promptly so that they can be quickly rectified.
Any damage discovered at the end of the contract period will be notified to the client as soon as possible and then confirmed in writing.
We expect our properties to be left in a reasonable condition at the end of the contract period.


All cancellations must be confirmed in writing no less than 1 month prior to the commencement of the contract on the home.
Cancellations after this date may cause us to incur additional loss and expense which might amount to the full value of the contract.

In the event of a cancellation the following charges become payable:

Period before
commencement of contract
Cancellation charge
as a % of total booking.

5 weeks

4 weeks 50%
3 weeks 25%
2 weeks or less no refund

Confirmation of cancellations must be in writing, either by e-mail, fax, in person at our offices or postal service if necessary (must be sent recorded delivery to avoid confusion of cancellation date).


Payment can be made either in Euro s or Pounds Sterling using one of the following methods:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • credit card
  • Internet
  • bank transfer
  • Paypal

Any bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the account holder and not Portfolio Abroad S. L.


Accommodation provided is for the use of the named clients only and may not be added to without our consent.
The property must not be sub- let.
All property is privately owned and individual, reflecting the personal preferences of the owners.

Complaints of any nature should be notified to our office in Spain immediately in order to rectify the situation and ensure complete satisfaction.


Travel arrangements to the property and key hand overs will be arranged at time of booking. An emergency contact number will be provided in the property for use in the unlikely event of any problems.


Travel arrangements from the property and key hand overs will be arranged at time of booking.

Meter readings to be taken if accessible at the property


We strongly recommend that you take out contents insurance whilst visiting a foreign country.


Any discrepancies or defects with the property or its fixtures and fittings should be brought to our attention within 24 hours of arriving at the property. Failure to do so will be deemed as acceptance of the property as being satisfactory and in full compliance of the agreed contract.


All monies paid to us will be held in a separate client account and will only be released from this account once the tenants contract has been fulfilled.


The submission of a booking in the manner prescribed earlier in these terms and conditions will signify that the prospective tenant fully understands and accepts these terms and conditions.

Please note: We reserve the right to switch a booking to accommodation of an equivalent standard should this prove necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.

We will notify you as soon as possible, if this happens.


Sales Deposit

To hold any property a reservation deposit of 3,000€ must paid, this is to take the property off the market so no other clients can veiw. 

This deposit will be sent to the seller to show the client is in fact serious 

and willing to buy the property.  A reservation contract will then be produced with the terms and conditions agreeable by both parties (buyer & seller).

Withdrawl from sale by the seller will incur our adminstration fee of minimum 500€ plus IVA.

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